Mistakes Women When Exercising

Many women exercise regularly in order to have the ideal body shape and fit, but many are often unaware of their mistakes when exercising. Due to time constraints, many women hurry to finish this exercise and make exercise without proper heating. In fact, the warm-up session to help warm the blood stream so that a […]

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10 Fruits Beneficial For Treating Hair Loss

We all already know the importance of having fresh fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet should include fruits and vegetables are not only good for the body but also for your skin and hair. It is undeniable fact that your diet affects your skin and hair. Unhealthy foods not only makes you look dull, but […]

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Health Risks for a Grumpy

Emotional health is the key to keeping the body healthy. That is why, people who like the grumpy will have problems also on the body. What is it? photo : epicurienne.co.uk  Anger is a negative emotion. When people get angry, a lot of hormones that work, which ultimately affects the physical body. This condition can […]

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Australian scientists find a vaccine to prevent new strains of flu virus.

Scientists at the University of Melbourne, Australia, discovered a new breakthrough in the search for better vaccines to prevent new strains of flu virus. They say, cells known as T-cells could be the key to a universal flu vaccine. They find out why the influenza virus usually avoid white cells that protect the body from […]

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Hot Drinks Prevent Stroke?

Drinking hot beverages in the morning, whether it’s tea or coffee, a part of the daily routine of many people. Simple habits turned out to help us reduce the risk of stroke. A study of 83,000 people in Japan showed that those who frequently drank green tea or coffee per day had a risk of […]

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